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Message from Magnus

Corporate Vision
NEC MAGNUS Communications

aims for IT company of practice and confidence which demonstrates (shows) our sales power with full of intellectuality and vitality using our core-competence of marketing and Product planning in the network markets.

What is Magnus?
MAGNUS is a Latin word, which has meanings such as Broad, Great and Powerful.

Into this company name we put our strong will to provide the better broad-band network environment to our customers with our wide vision for the broad-band societies.

Corporate Goals

We hope to take a new path;
the path that leads where our clients truly wish to go.
NEC Magnus Communications was founded with the goal of providing the optimum infrastructure for each individual business, through a fusion of data, voice, and video data over an IP network.

Message from the President

NEC Magnus Communications is not the last to develop products from a perspective on the near future by integrating our technological advantages in the fields of data, voice, and video.

To play a key role in realizing a ubiquitous society, we consistently support our customers from system planning and developing through operating stages with our management power combining mobility and swiftness.

Beyond the common practice in the exiting IT networks, we provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies and ideas to translate "dream" into "reality", and we also wish we were a good partner to make a go of customersbusinesses.

Y. Tanaka
President & CEO, NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd.

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